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18 July 2008 @ 08:22 am
it's well known that miss newton has been working with darfur conflict for quite some time. recently, she and matt damon were photographed destroying toys.

FIRST LOOK: Matt Damon Stands Up (and Breaks Toys) for Darfur

By Rennie Dyball

Matt Damon and Thandie Newton have lent their famous faces for a London photo shoot – but these were no glamour shots. The stars (along with Joely Richardson and other celebs) were photographed destroying toys – meant to symbolize the destruction of childhood in Darfur. PEOPLE got a sneak peek at two of the pics.

April 13, named "Global Day for Darfur," marks the fifth anniversary of genocide in the Sudan region – so some children who live there have known nothing but killings for as long as they've lived. "If it had been my childhood that was under attack I would have expected help," Newton, 35, who was depicted blow-torching a Barbie doll, said in a statement. "Five years is five years too long."

Damon, 37, destroyed a dollhouse with a baseball bat in his shots. "After the genocide in Rwanda we all shook our heads and said never again," said the actor. "Today, as killings mount in Darfur we need to make never again a priority and demand protection for the most vulnerable."

For more information, check out www.SaveDarfur.org.

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